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Ways to Create a Perfectly Sound Sleep Environment

Are you struggling to get enough quality sleep? It is very important to work on sleep issues because too little sleep can have a huge impact on your body and mind. Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight, it can affect your concentration and productivity levels, it reduces your athletic performance, it is linked to depression and it can affect your immune function.

One of the best ways to overcome sleep issues is by creating a better sleep environment and in this guide, we are going to reveal some great tips to help you recreate your bedroom for much better sleep.

1. Get Soundproofing For Your Windows

Street noises are some of the biggest culprits for people who struggle to get enough rest. Street noises like barking and howling dogs, screaming kids, arguing neighbours, and honking cars can keep you up all night if you are a light sleeper. 

These environmental sounds can also have an impact on your sleep quality even if you do manage to get some shut-eye because your subconscious could still be alert and will keep “listening to” and processing the sounds you hear as a natural defense mechanism. These sounds can even impact your dreams.

The best way to block out street noises is by getting soundproof windows. Secondary glazing is a revolutionary soundproofing window treatment that can block out up to 70% of street noises. These window conversions are also pretty affordable since you don’t have to replace your windows to get them installed. Instead, these window treatments are installed as an additional layer to your normal windows.

2. Prevent Environment Heat Gain

Melbourne can get pretty warm during spring and summertime. Running the air conditioner all day and night is hardly an option because using so much energy is bad for the environment and can cost a lot.

Secondary glazing can be a good solution to help you create a cooler bedroom to sleep in because these unique window treatments will reduce heat loss or gain by up to 50%. Your bedroom will stay cooler during warm days and you can get better sleep quality.

3. Invest In a Proper Bed

The type of bed you sleep on can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep you get and the way your body feels. Body pains and aches can keep you up most of the night or can awaken you much too early in the morning. If you feel sore after taking a nap then it is probably best to invest in a proper bed. This investment won’t just help you sleep better, it can also promote healthy blood circulation and it will reduce muscle tension and joint aches.

3. Get Thick Curtains or Blinds

Creating a dark sleeping environment can help you fall asleep quicker and get better quality sleep. This is especially important for shift workers because exposure to light stimulates the body and mind and encourages wakeful and alert feelings. When you eliminate exposure to light, your biological clock naturally starts melatonin production which induces sleep.

4. Get a White Noise Machine

White noise is known to improve sleep quality although the scientific reason for this is still unknown. White noises can help drown out environmental noises but for some reason, it induces sleep and helps people with insomnia drift off to sleep much easier. A white noise machine could be a great accessory for your perfect nap time bedroom.

Out of all these concepts, affordable and efficient double glazing is the best treatment to start with for your bedroom. Stop Noise can get your windows treated professionally so all of those street noises won’t disturb you anymore and so your bedroom will stay nice and cool this spring.

7 Reasons to Get Secondary Glazing for Your Windows

There are quite a few different types of window treatments that you can get for a home upgrade. Upgrades like window solar film, acoustic film or double glazing can be very helpful. Secondary glazing, however, is one of the best treatments to consider because it offers the following great benefits: 

1. Reduces Street Noises

Street noises like the roaring engine of a muscle car, barking dogs, screeching brakes, crying children, and loud music can be quite disturbing if you are trying to enjoy a quiet day or night. These noises can make it hard for you to focus on work or studies. It is even hard to enjoy blissful conversations with friends when you can hear every word your arguing neighbours might be screaming at each other. With secondary glazing, all of these sounds are drowned out because this window treatment can reduce noise by up to 70%. 

2. Keeps Private Conversations and Activities Private

It isn’t fun to think that your neighbours might be listening to every word you speak, every movie you watch, or any other activity you might be doing inside your house. A lot of businesses also rely on privacy to keep client information or corporate activities safe. 

Secondary glazing can keep others from listening in on your life or work because it blocks just as many sounds coming from the inside as from the outside of the building.

3. Helps You Get Better Sleep 

It is tough to get enough sleep if you are a light sleeper or if you struggle with a condition like insomnia. It is even tougher for shift workers to get some shut-eye when daytime can be so busy and noisy. Window glazing is an ideal solution to help you overcome sleep disturbances because it will block out all of those annoying sounds that might be keeping you up.

4. Great For Families With Small Children and Babies Who Need Naps

Small children and babies need to sleep up to 17 hours in 24 hours. Their minds need this sleep to develop properly and their bodies need the rest to help recover from the excessive growth their bodies experience while they are still young. With secondary glazing, little ones can sleep sound at any time of the day. There will be no sudden street noises to startle them awake and disturb their slumber. 

5. You Don’t Have To Replace Your Current Windows

Another great perk of secondary glazing is that you don’t have to replace your current windows. The new window layer is installed on the inside of your current window in its own frame. It seals tightly around the edges to keep noise from escaping and to insulate your home. You can install this type of window solution on just about any type or sized window. 

6. Reduces Heat Loss By 50%

The secondary glazing creates an air-tight seal on the inside of your window frame. This tight seal, and the gap between the glazing and your current window, keeps hot or cold temperatures from getting through your windows. The hot air you create inside with your furnace or heater will stay nice and warm and the warmth will continue to spread through your rooms because very little temperature is now lost. 

7. Reduces Heat Gain By 50%

These insulating windows also keep your interior spaces nice and cool during summer because warm temperatures from outside don’t have such a huge impact on your home. Heat gain is reduced by up to 50% which means any cool temperatures you create inside with your air conditioner will stay nice and cool for longer.It is time to throw away the sleeping pills and to stop hurting your ears as you try to compete with your noisy neighbours. Get secondary glazing from Stop Noise and live a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle.

Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

There’s little doubt that double glazing is better than single glazing, so surely triple is better than double, right? In that case, why not quadruple or quintuple glazing (if such a thing were practical)?

Jests aside, triple glazing is real and is a practical means of reducing household energy consumption. All of the benefits of double glazing but superior. What about the downsides, though?

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

If we’re only considering heat retention and energy efficiency, triple glazing has superb characteristics leading to its growing popularity in Australia and elsewhere. Let’s compare the U-values for energy efficiency to get a better idea:

  • Modern single glazed windows have a U-value of about 5;
  • Old double glazed windows have a U-value of about 3;
  • Modern double glazed windows have a U-value of about 1.6;
  • Triple glazed windows have a U-value of about 0.8 for each pane (so 2.4 total).

These values differ depending on the glazing quality, so they aren’t set in stone but rather rough estimates to go by. As shown above, triple glazing outperforms all other glazing in terms of energy efficiency.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved noise reduction;
  • Less chance of condensation between the window panes;
  • Generally tougher and more secure.

Triple glazing seems to be a sensible upgrade then, but why has it not surpassed the popularity of double glazing if it boasts so many advantages?

How Does Double Glazing Compare to Triple Glazing?

If we’re only looking at energy efficiency, double glazing seems to be the superior choice. It isn’t the right choice for every homeowner, however, for two major reasons.

Triple glazing tends to cost substantially more than double glazing, so the amount of energy savings returned in comparison to the marginally increased cost simply isn’t worth it for most homeowners.

Secondly, triple glazing is just plain heavier than double glazing, so much so that in many homes it can pose structural problems for the load-bearing walls. Furthermore, triple glazing needs to be installed with additional care since improper installation and poor sealing can render the gains useless and on par with single glazing at best.

Which Choice is Best for My Home?

For most homeowners, double glazing is far more practical. The sacrifice of a few points of U-value for energy efficiency is not a major concern considering the high upfront cost and complexity of installation for triple glazing.

There are alternatives to traditional double glazing that are more cost-effective, and in some cases, superior for noise reduction, insulation, and energy efficiency. In-situ double glazed window installation from companies such as Stop Noise are an excellent alternative to traditional double glazing without giving up any of the benefits. In fact, many of the benefits are even greater when installed professionally in place over your existing window pane.

Stop Noise lets you keep your existing window and have a custom-built window pane installed directly in place, thus giving you superior double glazing at a far lower cost. Our windows are built to exact dimensions and installed and sealed professionally, meaning that you’ll experience the full benefits of double glazing.

Stop Noise

Find out more about our soundproof, energy-efficient in situ double glazing technique at Stop Noise and get in touch with us if you’d like to make an investment into your home that will last for years whilst providing you tranquility and superior comfort.

New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Get Better Sleep In 2021

Insomnia is a very common condition with one-third of Australians battling to get enough quality sleep during the night. Insomnia can differ for each person. Some experience these sleep-deprived stages for only a short period while others can spend months or even years in a sleepless cycle that deprives them of their happiness and energy.

Why You Should Treat Insomnia

A lack of sleep can weaken your immune system leaving you more vulnerable to illness. Insomnia makes it harder to stay awake during normal working hours and causes poor concentration, forgetfulness, irritability, a bad mood, depression, anxiety, and tension headaches. You can accomplish much more in one hour if you remain focused than you can all day if your mind is tired and in a blur. So if you’re experiencing severe insomnia, make sure to talk to your GP.

How to Get Better Sleep This Year

The start of 2021 is a good time to solve your sleep issues for good. There are quite a few changes you can make and things you can do to help you get better sleep from now on such as the following.

Install Stop Noise Secondary Glazing

Lots of people find it hard to sleep when street noises or music is playing in the background. Even if you do sleep, you won’t get the quality deep sleep that is required for restoring proper brain function and focus. If you find yourself listening to street noises until the early hours of the morning then you should consider double glazing for your windows.

Stop Noise Secondary Glazed windows are when the second layer of glass is installed along with your current window. This conversion blocks out the noise because sound waves become distorted when they pass through 2 layers of different thickness of glass and because the large airspace of between 70 to 100mm absorbs noise. With these windows, all of those street noises will be reduced and you can finally focus on getting more sleep.

Install Window Block-Out Blinds

Some people do find it hard to sleep with the light on. This is because your mind is programmed to be awake when the sun is up. Window block-outs or roller shades can be installed behind your curtains or current blinds. These block-outs can be pulled down at night or when you need to sleep to block out all light coming from outside. 

Avoid Caffeine Drinks

It is best to cut out all caffeine from your diet from now on. But if you cannot live without caffeine then you should at the very least stop drinking coffee at least one hour before going to bed. Try a decaf coffee at night or switch over to hot milk and honey for a soothing night drink.

Play Static in the Room

Static noises have been known to promote better sleep. If you find it hard to fall asleep then you should consider playing some soft static on a radio in your room. Ideally, you should download a static track from the internet or get it on CD so annoying commercials won’t interrupt your sleep. 

Get a Better Bed

Your bed can also be the root cause of your lack of sleep. If your bed has you feeling all sore within just a few hours then you should make a priority of getting a better bed. Even a quality mattress on the floor is better than a bed that causes backaches.

Go To Bed at the Same Time Every Night

Before you will fall right asleep, you will need to train your brain to fall asleep at a certain time. To do this, you should go to bed at the same time every night. Before you know it, you will start feeling tired at the right time instead of during the day when you should be working.

With these tips, we are sure that you can achieve your goal of getting more quality sleep at night and we are also sure that you will feel much happier and more focused within just a few weeks. Contact Stop Noise today to get your windows soundproof today.

Advantages of Soundproofing Your Bedroom

After a busy five day work-week and a big Friday night, there’s nothing better than a weekend morning sleep-in. However, the neighbor’s dog is barking and the construction project across the street started at 7am. Once you’ve woken up, it’s incredibly difficult to go back to sleep, especially with the extra chaos and noise flooding into your bedroom. This situation is all too common, but luckily there is a solution. 

Soundproofing your doors and windows can keep outside noise away, allowing you to sleep until noon. Read on to learn about the many advantages of soundproofing your bedroom.

1. Noise reduction 

For most of us, our bedroom is our sanctuary where we go to be alone with our thoughts. It’s a place to read, write, study, or simply relax. The bedroom is a place that should shut out the outside world and allow us to focus on the present. Still, bedrooms in urban areas tend to absorb much of the noise from the outside world including blaring traffic, barking dogs, and early morning construction projects. Soundproofing your bedroom’s windows and doors will transform your bedroom space into the cosy and quiet haven it is meant to be. Shut the door to your bedroom after soundproofing and experience true peace and tranquility.

2. Better sleep

Who doesn’t need a few extra hours of sleep every week? With the constant flash of our countless screens and background noise from music and videos constantly playing, it’s no wonder that many people have trouble falling and staying asleep these days. Stop fussing around with foam ear plugs that fall out in the middle of the night. Contact Stop Noise to learn about their secondary glazing products for soundproofing the doors and windows in your bedroom. Sleep like a baby tonight for a great tomorrow!

3. Light protection

Have you ever rearranged your furniture only to find a faded rectangle on your carpet? Is the back of your lounge chair 3 shades lighter where it faces the window? Soundproofing your windows can also help with UV light protection. Soundproofing can regulate the light that is allowed into your bedroom with tinting, so our furniture won’t become sunbleached. This feature can be beneficial for those with windows that face directly towards the sunrise or sunset. 

4. Temperature regulation

Soundproofing features also act as insulation. If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, or your daily weather changes rapidly like most areas in Australia during summer, then insulation can be crucial for staying comfortable while avoiding excess energy costs. Heat easily escapes and enters through doors and windows, so it’s important that these areas are not overlooked when you are considering insulating your space. Stay cool and summer and warm in winter without racking up an expensive insulation bill. Soundproof your bedroom doors and windows for the ultimate closy indoor climate.

Soundproof Your Bedroom with Stop Noise

Soundproofing the doors and windows of your bedroom has advantages that go beyond noise. Sleep better in a comfortable temperature with the help of insulated, soundproof windows. Stop Noise can help soundproof your home without the price tag associated with double glazing. Keep heat in or out with their effective solution. Contact Stop Noise soundproofing specialists today for a quote to transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary!

Is Stop Noise Worth the Investment?

Most new homes and commercial buildings have realised the benefits of double glazed windows for quite some time now. Stop Noise’s add-on double glazing technology not only achieves the benefits of secondary-glazed window installation, but it’s also a great investment that will pay itself off in energy savings. Is it really worth the investment, however? We certainly think so. Here’s why:

Energy Costs in Victoria

Australia’s energy costs vary by state and territory, but recent data shows that the annual electricity bill in Victoria is about $1,490. That’s a lot of hard-earned money going (literally) out the window. It isn’t wasted, for the large part, but it’s required to power our homes, gadgets, and keep us warm (or cool) throughout the year.

Heating & Cooling Per Home

Data from South Australia shows that about 40 per cent of all energy usage in the average Australian home is dedicated solely to heating and cooling. That’s a pretty significant chunk of your money going towards keeping you and your family nice and warm (or cool) in Australia’s climate(s).

It stands to reason, then, that one of the best ways of knocking down that hefty energy bill is to look at the major culprit: heating and cooling. One of the luxuries of our modern day and age is that we have the ability to make our home comfortable regardless of outside temperatures, but that comes at a cost.

Reducing Energy Bills

Heating and cooling are inherently wasteful in terms of energy. It takes a lot of energy to change ambient room temperatures, so much of the energy use is inherently wasted. Naturally, good quality furnaces or air conditioners can reduce the waste, which is great for both the environment and your wallet, but that’s only part of the equation.

One of the major reasons homes in Australia waste so much heat or cold air is due to poor or improper insulation, draughts, and a lack of door and window seals. Well-insulated homes retain heat or cold air better than those that are full of ways for that air to escape.

Stop Noise Secondary Glazing

Our Stop Noise secondary glazed window installation tackles the above problem superbly. There’s plenty of evidence (see our blog for more information) pointing to high-quality secondary glazed windows as a superior alternative to single-paned windows.

In brief, some of these benefits include better heat retention, improved sunlight and protection from UV rays, better home security, and overall reductions in energy bills.

What’s Your ROI?

Removing your existing window and replacing it with double-glazed windows can be quite costly. Stop Noise secondary glazing products, however, fit over your existing windows to give you all of the benefits of double glazing (and more) at a far reduced cost.

Your exact ROI will depend quite a bit on the size and complexity of the installation. Many double-glazed window installers can charge up to $10,000 for a single window, for example. This would mean that you’d likely see a return on your investment after about 40 years. Not bad, but not great, either.

Stop Noise

Stop Noise windows go the distance by providing you a better ROI through reduced energy bills. Contact Stop Noise today and enquire with us to obtain a quote for a superior alternative to traditional double-glazed windows.

How and Why Secondary Glazing Works

Secondary glazing on windows is becoming one of the most sought after features in city households. 

This is because these window solutions offer various benefits such as the following;

Noise Isolation

In large building complexes, you just don’t want everyone to hear what you are saying.  It can also be hard to get enough sleep when lots of traffic and street noises are keeping you up until late at night.  Secondary glazing is superb for keeping sounds from coming into or going out of your building and as such can enhance privacy or enable you to get much better quality sleep.

Temperature Insolation

Secondary glazing also has temperature isolation properties.  Buildings with this feature are considered energy efficient because the secondary glazing windows prevent cool air from escaping your building and hot air from entering your building in the summer and vice versa in winter. 

This greatly reduces your need for artificial heat or cooling and can help you save a fortune on the energy you normally use while running the air conditioner or heater.

How Does Secondary Glazing Work?

Wondering how something as simple as a second layer of glass can do all of this?  Well, in truth, it isn’t quite as simple as that.

Secondary glazing is when an additional Secondary Window is installed inside of  your primary glass. 

There is usually a space in the middle between these layers of glass that is called a gap or tight air pocket. 

For optimum noise reduction, the gap needs to be 70 – 100mm wide.  

The Science behind Temperature Isolation

When heat is transferred from warm to cold areas it is called convection.  For convection to be successful, a good conductor is required. 

Air that is trapped in the gap cannot circulate with warm air inside a building or warm air outside the building. 

This air layer thus becomes a poor conductor and the rate of heat loss is reduced.  

The Science behind Noise Isolation

The space between the glass panels creates a phenomenon that is referred to as sympathetic resonance. 

When two glass panels with the same thickness are installed, sound levels can easily pass through them.  In secondary glazing, the thickness of the glass panels differs.  This disrupts the sound waves passing through your windows.  When this happens, less sound gets through the windows.

How Effective Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is tremendously effective for both noise and temperature isolation.  Here is a quick look at the results you can expect by getting these panels installed;

Temperature Isolation

Heat loss from your home through your windows can be reduced by up to 63% by simply installing secondary glazing.  Your home will stay warm twice as long as it did when you only had a normal window installed.  One important factor to keep in mind when you get secondary glazing for energy efficiency is that a professional installation is crucial.  Professionals usually use aluminium frames to prevent air leaks from forming in the gap or panel.  If there is an air leak, your secondary glazing won’t be as effective for isolating your home.

Noise Isolation

Secondary glazing reduces noise pollution by 50 to 75%. This means that all the sounds you hear in your home right now will be 50% quieter.  The conversations you have in your home will also be much more private and you can enjoy louder music inside your building without disturbing your neighbours.

Secondary double glazing is a wonderful solution to enhance home privacy and comfort.  If your neighbours are driving you insane then it is time to give Stop Noise a call so you can get a quote on this revolutionary home upgrade.

5 Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

Old windows can add architectural character to a home, but they can also be a hindrance to attempts at making a safer, quieter, and more energy-efficient home as well. Normally, old windows stand to benefit from a complete replacement with newer, superior windows such as double-glazed windows.

But it is possible to retain old windows whilst installing a new pane over top with the help of Stop Noise’s patented technology of window installation. Here’s how new windows (especially those of Stop Noise) can benefit your home:

  • Reduce Energy Costs

Although it depends largely on the type and size of the window as well as its location within the home, double glazing significantly reduces energy costs within the home. There are many variables involved, so it’s worthwhile (without getting too technical) having a look at Efficient Glazing’s online tool which allows users to calculate energy savings from different types of window.

Since you’ll be spending less on heating and cooling the home with double-glazed windows, over time you’ll end up seeing noticeable savings on your energy bill. For this reason, double-glazing is really an investment that pays itself off over the years quite well.

  • Home Security

Single-pane windows are hardly an obstacle for a clever burglar. Even with locks in place, burglars with patience and tools can easily crack open these windows and get into your home. Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, are an instant repellant to most burglars since they’re a lot harder to break into, especially if the window locks are placed behind two panes of glass as is typical.

  • Reduction in Noise

Australia’s guide to environmentally-sustainable homes, YourHome, clearly states that double glazing can have noticeable reductions in noise within the home. This is made more evident when an air gap of no less than 100 mm separates both panes.

If you live in an urban area or if noise is a problem for you in rural areas, the effects can be significant. Everything from cars to loud parties nearby can keep you up at night, getting in the way of a good night’s sleep. Double-glazing lets you get a restful sleep in your abode without being woken up by everything that passes by your home.

  • Better Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, small details in your home go a long way to making a lasting impression. Windows are an obvious point of interest, and they definitely get noticed by prospective homebuyers and visitors. Single-pane windows are really a thing of the past. Although newer manufactured single-pane windows do have their uses, double-glazing is all the rage because of its many benefits and is seen as a standard, if not expected feature of all homes nowadays.

  • Increase Home Equity

As mentioned, double-glazed windows are an investment. Not only do they pay themselves off in energy savings over time, but they also boost the curb appeal and overall value of your home. Much like having a well-maintained and high-quality roof over your head, double-glazed windows add value thanks to their many benefits.

Stop Noise

Experience the benefits of Stop Noise’s window installation process for yourself and gain all of the above benefits (and more). Contact our window installation experts today to find out more about our unique service approach.

What Are Soundproof Windows And Why Do I Need Them?

During the current pandemic, many families are having to self isolate or simply spend more time at home. Public spaces have restricted movements and so the home space is quickly turning into a multipurpose haven where parents work, children play and learn, and families spend most of their days together. As children also spend more time at home, creating home-based schedules for sleep and recreation has never been more important. This means creating peaceful spaces that are sleep-inducing.

However, the fact is, alongside sight pollution and air pollution, noise pollution has become a real problem in most cities and suburbs. If you find that you are struggling to create a peaceful home haven due to outside noise, then read on to learn more about soundproof windows.

What are soundproof windows?

Soundproof windows essentially block around 50 to 70% of outside noise. Low-frequency sounds tend to be more difficult to block than high-frequency sounds, therefore soundproof windows for residential homes cannot claim 100% blocking of outside noise, however, overall, they block more sound than regular windows.

How do soundproof windows work?

Soundproof windows work by creating a barrier between the sound and your ears which receive the sound. When you are indoors, your walls, roof, windows and all the insulation within your home helps reduce the sound.

For windows to increase their ability to block sounds, they must add mass by increasing the thickness of the glass, or they must add air space between multiple glass panels. Laminated glass is also an option. You can also use laminate glass options which add plastic between lays of glass. To learn more about the best options for your home, it is important to consult professional and experienced soundproof window installers for guidance.

Why do I need soundproof windows?

There are many reasons to consider soundproof windows. The fact is, unwanted noise can cause physical and mental distress. This is because it may interrupt sleep and relaxation. In addition, they can provide more insulation which can help reduce heating and cooling costs. They are also more secure since there will be more layers and barriers between you and the outside world without adding bars or roller blinds. Moreover, soundproof windows are also an investment and can increase the value of your home. This may be an attractive prospect even if you not currently living in what you consider to be your forever home.


There are many reasons to consider installing soundproof windows at home. There are numerous health benefits. This includes a reduction in stress and more sleep. Moreover, it can increase your home value and also make it more secure.

Stop Noise is proudly Australian made and a family-owned and operated business specialising in the manufacturing and installation of retrofit secondary double glazing systems. Our factory can deliver soundproof windows to a wide variety of locations. Stop Noise provides not only soundproofing but also insulation solutions across all suburbs of Melbourne and rural Victoria.

How Effective is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a growing trend in Australian residential construction for its many benefits, but as with everything that’s ‘trendy’, there are plenty of misconceptions as well surrounding its efficacy in insulating your home.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of double glazing efficiency and how Stop Noise beats out traditional double glazed windows with its superior technology.

No Amount of Glazing Fully Insulates

It doesn’t matter what it’s made of, windows are always the weakest point of insulation in a home. Having said that, single glazing is wholly ineffective against the elements with an R (insulation) rating of about R0.15.

Double glazing more than doubles the effectiveness by boosting the R-value to R0.5. Compare this to an insulated wall with an R3.0 and it’s clear to see that no amount of glazing will turn a window into an insulated wall.

Put that into perspective. An insulated wall is six times more effective than double-glazed windows. Obviously, no one would want to build a home without windows for the sake of better insulating efficiency, but the choice of how many windows and of what calibre they are will have profound effects on heat absorption, dissipation, and also sound reduction capabilities for your home.

Determine Glazing Efficiency Reliably

If you’re in doubt about the efficacy of glazing and insulating R-values in your home, consult the Australian Building Codes Board for their NCC 2019 Glazing Calculator which lets you determine how effective your insulation will be.

Stop Noise’s double glazing technique has proven to be reliable for all of the benefits that double-glazed windows provide and more. For this reason, our technique is not trying to ride the wave of double glazing as a trend but rather showing through experience and proven results that our double glazing technology works wonders for homeowners.

Australian Window Association

Are you unsure about the claim of a double-glazed window manufacturer about the veracity of their effectiveness? The Australian Window Association has prepared a website,, which empowers Australian consumers (you!) to make informed choices when considering different types of windows for your home.

As a point of interest for those considering double glazing, the Australian Window Association advocates for double glazing over other alternatives such as low-e glass. Not only is it more effective at insulation and noise reduction, but its cost is coming down as well due to its use in over 50 per cent of all new residential construction in Australia in recent years. Learn more about their findings here.

Is it Cost-Effective?

Definitely yes. Double-glazed windows are so popular that their cost has lowered significantly, making it only marginally more expensive than single-pane windows. The upfront costs are not all, however.

In terms of ongoing costs, double-glazed windows offer far better results in insulation, which itself greatly lowers the costs required to heat or cool the home. In the long-term, double-glazing, especially using the technique of Stop Noise, puts money right into your pocket and helps the environment at the same time.

Stop Noise

Many homes still use single-pane windows and need to be removed and replaced with double glazing to make them more efficient. There is another option. Stop Noise offers retrofitted double glazed windows custom built to fit right over your existing window for a much-needed boost in insulation, noise reduction, and cost-efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.