How much does double glazing windows cost in Melbourne?

Interested in the cost of double glazing a window?

If so, then the most straight forward answer is that the cost to double glaze your windows can vary considerably. There is replacement double glazing which is the complete removal of your current windows and glass and can cost anywhere from $ 800 per square metre up to $1,500 per square metre installed.

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Then you have secondary glazing which is easily added to your existing window and can cost between $ 500 per square metre up to $ 600 per square metre, which is a lot cheaper than replacement double glazing.

The secondary double glazing window system on top of your current window is the perfect fit for people who want a cost-effective solution to their noise and insulation problems.

No need to remove the glass in your windows just a quick and cost-effective retrofit of your current windows which means saving you time and money is achievable with a retrofit double glazing system.

Stop Noise has been fixing peoples noise problems with secondary glazing  for the past 25 years and are happy to discuss your issues over the phone or in your home.

Why replace your perfectly good window when we can turn your existing glass window into the ultimate double glazed window system.

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Single glazing versus double glazing

Windows with single glazing get made with a single piece of glass. Which means the only separation from the outside of your home is one piece of glass. A single glass window ranges from 3 mils to 10 mils, and this thickness doesn’t give your home adequate insulation. And believe it or not, a window with single glazing can be 20 times less efficient than a wall when it comes to energy loss from the inside of your home.

Windows with double glazing use two separate pieces of glass which are separated by air. This layer of air provides an insulation barrier. The noise reduction is up to 70% reduced sounds being able to enter through the windows, and the insulation of your home can get improved by 60%.

Our system gets made at our Carrum Downs Melbourne plant using only top-quality materials and equipment, which means it is Australian owned and designed with quality guaranteed.

So the benefits of fitting double glazing are improved thermal insulation, incredible noise reduction and sturdy panels for extra security and strength.

Windows with quality double glazing reduce the cold in the winter and have seals that are airtight to help keep out dust, pollution and the extreme heat in the Melbourne spring and summer.

Window Double Glazing Protects Your Home

Climate control

With the unpredictable weather in Melbourne, having a double glazed window will secure the climate in your home. Keeping it at a comfortable temperature in winter and in summer, which is crucial to living in a pleasant environment. With double glazed window replacement, the main benefit over single glazed windows is that the insulation keeps your home fresh in the summer and toasty in the winter.

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Keeping sounds out of your home helps you maintain a more peaceful and better life. If you have disturbed nights of sleep, it can cause headaches, fatigue and create extreme high-stress levels. With a double glazed window system, they’re much thicker than single glazed windows which means they’re highly effective when it comes to reducing noise entering your house. So these windows are ideal for busy streets or if you live in close distance to the airport and all inner-city living sounds. 

At Stop Noise, our high-quality produced glass creates soundproofing, which reduces sounds and noise by 50-70% inside a property.

Improve energy efficiency

Double glazed windows create a more energy-efficient house as you’ll use less electricity due to your home already being a reasonably comfortable temperature from the excellent insulation that double glazed windows create.

Increase Safety

If you want to improve the security of your home, then a double glazing window system is the way to go. Double glazed windows are difficult to smash and break from the inside.  And the same goes with trying to open them from the outside forcibly. Which improves your protection from someone trying to break into your home.

Keep your interior secure

Believe it or not, when furniture, curtains and other inside furnishings get exposed to too much heat they can get a lot of wear and tear and even deteriorate quickly. As double glazed windows help to control heat and keep it out and at a comfortable temperature, it will protect your inside furnishings which means less cost if you need to replace them more frequently.

Increases property value

When installing double glazing windows, you’re also increasing the value of your property. And yes, it will go up in price. So you’re adding extra resale value to your property with a double glazed window system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much are double glazed windows in Australia?

Answer: Many people ask us for the price of double glazed windows, and we tell them that it depends on a few factors. When estimating the cost of double glazed windows, the size of the pane comes into consideration, the type of material used to frame them and the existing materials and devices you may have around the area.

Question: Will double glazed windows save me money in the long run?

Answer: The answer is yes. While the installation on all your windows may seem expensive at the start, there are long-term savings over the years. You’ll reduce cost in heating and air conditioning, which means decreased electricity bills. And the window’s strength means they won’t need to get replaced due to smashing or cracking easily.

Question: How long do double glazed windows last?

Answer: The life span these windows is 40 years or more.

Question: Can I get double glazing over my current windows?

Answer: Yes, our specially designed system which is Australian made and designed gets especially fitted to go over any current window, which means you’ll keep the costs down of having to get entirely new windows.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system gets easily added to current windows at half the cost of double glazed windows. Which means you don’t need the high price of new windows. And the thicker glass provides for superior soundproofing and noise reduction solutions inside all properties.

If you want a price for double glazed windows, then contact us today.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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