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Secondary Glazing

Reduce noise by up to 70%
with Stop Noise secondary glazing

Recording Studio Soundproofing

Recording Studio Soundproofing of Windows and Doors

Stop Noise specialize in the soundproofing of existing glazed windows and doors in the home and commercial recording studios. It can be a very costly exercise to build a home recording studio and the need to keep the cost down can be obtained by using our secondary glazing retrofit system.

The Stop Noise add on double glazed windows can be easily added to your existing windows and doors. The system is fully operable for cleaning purposes and for getting fresh air. The retrofit secondary glazed windows are very effective for reducing noise going in and out by its ability to create a large airspace of between 70-100mm.

The Stop Noise windows is made from a thick 6.38mm laminated glass, heavy aluminium extrusions and  double acoustic seals fitted to the sliding sashes. The thickness of glass is a minimum thickness of 6.38mm laminated safety glass. For greater noise reduction we have a 10.38mm laminated glass which is used in our commercial system.

The noise reduction that can be achieved will be a minimum of 10 decibels which equates to halving the perceived level of noise. Higher noise reduction can be achieved by creating a wider airspace between the 2 sheets of glass and using the thicker glass.

We also cover many areas such as Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and more .

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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Stop Noise