Double Glazed Glass

The Benefits Of Double Glazed Glass

The Stop Noise add on double glazed glass system used during the cold months of winter, when we’re all looking for ways to keep warm and enjoy quieter surroundings, can be very beneficial.

When turning on the heating for several hours a day is expensive and walking around wearing several layers of clothing can be uncomfortable, there is a far better option – Our add on double glazed glass.

By installing the Stop Noise alternative, a large space is created between the 2 panels of glass resulting in a cushioning and insulating effect. Having this air space between the windows is how maximum noise reduction and insulation is achieved.

This means that you will not have to leave your heating on for long periods of the day, vastly cutting down your energy consumption this winter.

Reduce Energy Costs

While this is helpful in the winter as it will reduce energy costs and consumption, it is also fantastic in the summer as it prevents unwanted heat from coming into the home along with a soundproofing effect.
At Stop Noise, we guarantee that our add on double glazed windows will reduce heat loss/gain by a massive 50%.

While insulation and energy costs alone are a fantastic reason to opt for add on double glazed windows, the space in between the two glass layers also offers noise reduction.

At Stop Noise, we pride ourselves on the noise reduction abilities of our add on glazing system and guarantee a noise reduction of 50-70%. It makes our glass the perfect choice for those living in the loud, vibrant Melbourne CBD, or even office buildings to reduce distractions.


Not only will Stop Noise double glazed glass give you amazing insulation that cuts down your power bills and reduces irritating outside noise by up to 50-70%, but it is also extremely cost effective.

This is because this alternate Glazing systems can be effortlessly added to the majority of window systems.

Timber, aluminium and steel window frames, can all be used with this system.

This allows the overall cost to be cut down, as there is no need to install a new window system.

The Stop Noise add on double glazing system is essential for the modern Melbournian during winter to reduce outside noise as well as heat loss and in summer to reduce heat gain. It will reduce your energy costs, prevent unwanted sound from entering your home, and it is extremely affordable to install. Call Stop Noise for a free quote today!

double glazed glass

Having this air space between the windows is how maximum noise reduction and insulation is achieved.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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