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Revolutionize Spaces – Explore Insulation with Glazing!

The Stop Noise energy efficient glazing system is equally as good as replacement double glazed windows for improving wall sound, thermal and glass window insulation. There is no need for you to replace or remove your existing windows, just talk to Stop Noise about installing thermal insulation for energy rated, efficient windows and glazing.

We can reduce the heat loss and gain from your windows by 50%, saving you money on your energy bills. The savings this provides will offset the cost of installing secondary glazing. The structure of your home can come under threat, particularly during summer, when more energy is required to keep your rooms cool. Effective thermal insulation and energy efficient glazing limits the effects of heat and keeps room temperature stable.

Our system means that you can still get all the sunlight possible, rather than having to close your curtains or roller shutters to keep heat out. Glass insulation and energy rated windows are perfect for limiting the cost of air conditioning and bringing down the price of your electricity bills.

Using the WERS rating system, your insulation will be of the highest quality, so you’ll have 6 star energy rated windows for heating and 4 star energy rated for cooling. We can supply you with full details of our WERS rating scale at the time of quotation.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call Stop Noise today on 1800 880 844.


insulated window benefits

The savings it gives you will offset the cost of installing secondary glazing to your windows.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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