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About Stop Noise

Stop Noise is proudly Australian made and a family owned and operated business specialising in the manufacturing and installation of retrofit secondary double glazing system.

Our factory can deliver soundproof windows to a wide variety of locations. Stop Noise provide not only soundproofing but also insulation solutions across all suburbs of Melbourne and rural Victoria.

The product, Secondary Glazing, was developed for existing homes in Sydney that were affected by the construction of the new Sydney Airport 3rd runway in 1994. The SoundMasta secondary glazing system was designed to reduce the aircraft noise coming through windows in conjunction with the insulation of the walls, floors and ceilings.

So in 1996, Ron Adams founded Stop Noise Pty Ltd and started using the SoundMasta Secondary Glazing system in Victoria. Over the years the system has been widely marketed and is now known as Stop Noise Add On Double Glazing.

Ron worked tirelessly to introduce the product to homeowners and businesses in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. The business boomed in the coming years with the Stop Noise system being widely accepted by Hotel and Motel owners. One of our projects was to soundproof the Old Grand Hotel on the corner of Flinders Street and Spencer Street in the Melbourne CBD and then many Motel projects followed after this huge project was successfully completed.

Over the years Stop Noise has gained a reputation as the go to people to fix your noise problems at an affordable price without having to remove your existing windows.

Stop Noise is a family business with Ron and his wife Carol and two sons Aaron and Shane running the sales and manufacturing and daughter Nicole running the office. Over the years the spouses have entered the business as well. So after 22 years, Stop Noise is a true family run business.

The Noise Factor

The company was well named “Stop Noise” and the soundproof add on double glazing windows have been fully tested by a national laboratory. Stop Noise was designed in the early days when aluminium was cheaper to buy and so was designed with thick walled aluminium and double acoustic seals.
Our secondary glazing is the thickest and heaviest product on the market and this is why it is the market leader when it comes to sound proofing and soundproof windows.

Our experienced team can offer sound honest advice and will give the truth when answering your questions about how good it will work. We don’t employ contractors for installing or commission only sales people. Stop Noise only employs company trained workers on salaries and not high pressure commission sales people.

Thermal Benefits

Secondary Glazing has long been known as a great insulator for existing windows. So the benefits of installing Stop Noise for insulation is an even better reason to install it for noise reduction. The Stop Noise system has been Window Energy Rated (WERS) and tested in most cases you will achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating for heating and a 4 Star Energy Rating for cooling. The cost of installing our system is far outweighed by the energy saving cost.

Security Benefits

Stop Noise Add On Double Glazing has been used for many years as a second secure window. We us a heavy laminated safety glass and secure interlocking section with a keyed security lock system. No need for ugly roller shutters or steel bars. Secondary glazing will not change the appearance of your window and only add to the security.

Real Estate Benefits

Selling a home on a busy road can be quite a turn off for prospective buyers. So installing Stop Noise Soundproofing Windows can greatly reduce the traffic noise and remove the negative impact noise can have on on selling a home rather than having to reduce the selling price.

Pollution Benefits

Airborne pollutants and pollen are becoming an increasing health risk. So we need to limit the effect this has on our lives in our homes. By installing Insulated glazing with airtight seals it helps to reduce the risk of these pollens and pollutants entering through our windows.

Lack of Sleep Side Effects

Psychological side effects from lack of sleep can cause acute muscle pains, dizziness, nausea and headaches, irritability improving your sleep by installing add on double glazing soundproof windows will be the first step to better sleep and therefore health.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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Stop Noise