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Why Secondary Glazing?

Why Choose Secondary Glazing in Melbourne?

The science behind secondary glazing

If you’re in need of add-on double glazing for existing windows in Melbourne, Stop Noise has the perfect solution for you. Here are just a few reasons why retrofit double glazing can benefit you and shield your home from unwanted noise:

  1. The ability to form a large 70 – 100mm air gap between your existing glass, and the secondary glass.
  2. It has dense weather pile seals on both sides of the sash to reduce noise infiltration and provide ultimate protection all year round.
  3. The large air space between the 2 panels of glass creates a cushioning effect. The use of 2 different thickness of glass also helps to change the frequency of the sound, therefore helping to further reduce the noise to a baffled sound.
  4. The noise level will drop by 10 decibels in most cases which is perceived as a 50% reduction in noise levels.
  5. The use of other products like roller shutters, heavier glass and cheaper quality double glazed units will not give you a better than 20% noise reduction. If you can’t achieve a minimum 50% reduction, it’s not worth doing! Double glazed windows costs won’t break the bank, but like everything to do with your home – it’s worth investing in quality.
  6. The current building codes require you to insulate your roof and walls, but not the windows. In most cases the windows only have 3mm thick glass so it makes perfect sense to insulate, which will provide double glazing soundproofing for noise reduction.

With the simple options right in front of you, now is the perfect time to add-on double glazing to existing windows for soundproofing and noise reduction in Melbourne. Stop Noise are an experienced team that guarantee to deliver a high quality finish you can rely on. You shouldn’t be put off by double glazed windows costs – call us today on 1800 880 844 and talk to our friendly team about our affordable rates.

A Video Demonstration of How & Why Secondary Glazing Works

Director Ron Adams gives a demonstration of how the Stop Noise retrofit double glazing solution works.

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Your product has made an incredible difference to my life... - Wendy Doolan

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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