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Secondary Glazing

Reduce noise by up to 70%
with Stop Noise secondary glazing

Markets We Service

Stop Noise is adaptable to your particular window type, size and shape. Our windows are all made to measure and are always designed for easy accessibility. We can install on almost every type of household windows and doors. They can be opening, non opening, timber, steel or aluminium.

The Stop Noise sliding door system can be fitted to your existing sliding glass door (timber or aluminium) or to French doors that hinge in or out. The biggest problem with existing doors is their inability to seal properly. With the Stop Noise door system, it is fitted into the existing door frame and can be slid for easy access through the doorway.

If you have a problem with a front timber entrance door, we can fit a high quality door seal. The problem with a lot of front timber doors is they are hollow core, which may require replacement with a solid timber door.

High Rise Residential / Body Corporate Sound Proofing


You want double glazing but you are restricted by a body corporate?

Stop Noise secondary glazing is body corporate friendly. Our windows are installed to the inside of the existing windows, so this will not change the external look of the building. We use clear glass and powder coat the frames to match the existing windows. If you want double glazing for thermal insulation or to reduce noise then this is the only product available to you.

Heritage Listed Properties Sound Proofing


Do you have a heritage overlay on your property?

Heritage buildings are beautiful in design and character. Replacing the windows with new windows could ruin that character as well as impose on your heritage listing. Replacing the glass with heavier glass will not work in weighted windows such as old sash/double hung windows, this will also not help with the noise reduction or insulation.

Our windows will not ruin the external look of your home. They are placed on the inside of the existing window and are designed to blend into your existing windows.

It is the only way of achieving double glazing without replacing the windows.

Recording Studios Sound Proofing

Stop Noise specialize in the soundproofing of existing windows and doors for home and commercial recording studios. It can be a very costly exercise to build a home recording studio and the need to keep the cost down can be obtained by using our secondary glazing retrofit system.

Our windows will reduce the noise entering through your windows as well as escaping through your windows and disturbing neighboring properties. We can also use the 10.38mm glass system which will help eliminate the maximum amount of noise.

Offices / Consultation Rooms Sound Proofing

Is noise affecting your business?

You need silence and privacy for your consultations with clients but outside noise from cars, people and waiting rooms can disturb your work. Your clients need to know that they have the privacy the deserve. By soundproofing any windows in your rooms, it will eliminate any noise entering through them.

We have done many medical clinics, psychologists’ offices and support group organizations in the past.

Hotel / Motel / Serviced Apartments Sound Proofing

Since 1995 we have installed our secondary glazing onto a large amount of motels, hotels and service apartments in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. It is the simplest way of achieving double glazing without the hassle of having to replace each window and the affect this could have on your business including time and money. Our windows take around 1 hour to install with only a small amount of noise made.

Our windows have a six star energy rating as well as reducing 50-70% of noise, reducing condensation and drafts. We have installed our windows into many great motels including:

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Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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Stop Noise