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Secondary Glazing

Reduce noise by up to 70%
with Stop Noise secondary glazing

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Double Glazing Existing Windows

Got existing windows? Let us double glaze them.

Stop Noise Add on Double Glazing systems can be easily added to most types of existing windows, timber, aluminium and steel window frames. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to replacement glazing, this is the answer.

Stop Noise secondary glazing is easily added to the existing window frame. The system is made at our Carrum Downs Melbourne manufacturing plant and is Australian owned and designed.

Stop Noise pride ourselves on producing a quality product at a reasonable price. We are the largest manufacturer of secondary glazing products in Australia. The unique design of our retrofit double glazing product helps us to keep ahead of our competitors. Over the past 25 years in Melbourne, our company has grown into the leaders in our industry, we always strive to improve our services to keep ahead of our rivals.

The secret to our success is partly due to the fact we are a family-owned business and believe in delivering our customers with the best advice and service in the industry.

All our products have been noise tested and vary tested and rated to guarantee you a proven result.

The myths of double glazing and what is the best type for noise or insulation? Traditional replacement double glazing is more of an insulation product with lesser noise reduction benefits. Retrofit secondary double glazing is excellent for window insulation, but it excels when it comes to noise reduction. The Stop Noise system will reduce noise by between 50 to 70 % and will turn your existing window into a 6 Star energy rated window.

So the benefits of fitting a secondary double glazing system are improved thermal gain, superior noise reduction and lockable sliding panels for extra security.

Quality double glazed windows Melbourne reduces condensation in winter and have airtight seals to help keep out pollen and dust in the Melbourne spring and summer.

Call Stop Noise today for a free no-obligation measure and quotation on 1800 940 466.

How do you double glaze an existing window?

If you’re like most other house owners then you’re probably thinking, but I already have windows so can I get my current windows double glazed? If this is the case, the answer is yes.

The process is relatively straightforward for the professionals at Stop Noise because all that needs doing is adding another layer of glazing. We achieve this by adding a strategic sub-frame on the inside of the window. Then the panels get fitted into our double tracking system to create an airtight seal.

If this sounds complex, there’s no need to worry because at Stop Noise we’re experts in adding a layer to existing windows because we produce the system here in Melbourne.

So contact us today so we can install a system which protects your house from Noise and the elements, reduces your energy bills and keeps the inside safe from harm.

Double glazed windows Melbourne

If you’re like most people without genuine and quality double glazed windows in Melbourne, then you probably know your rooms feel hotter during summer and colder during the window. Furthermore, you’ll also hear that noise will enter your home easier, and your glass can get broken and smashed reasonably quickly. Which means the best solution to stop these problems is window double glazing.

Melbourne has some unpredictable weather which means protection for the windows and doors in your home is necessary to keep you and your family warm and safe all year round. You can get this protection through double glazing windows in your home.

Double glazed windows get made using two pieces of glass which get separated by a gap of air. There’s sealing in the gap which acts as a separation between the piece of glass on the inside and outside. This gap then dramatically increases the insulation between the two parts of glass. Glass is an excellent heat conductor which means that heat will quickly come through a window which is not a double glazed window. On the other side, space and air is not a good conductor of heat, so the air which is trapped sets up insulation protection between warm air on one side and cool air on the other side.

Double glazing windows will keep your home at the temperature you require it to be throughout the unpredictable Melbourne seasons.

Stop noise uses the best quality in materials and design so if you’re also looking for extra insulation and protection for the windows and doors in your house then Melbourne double glazed windows is the ultimate solution.

To protect your home from the Melbourne elements now, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote

How double glazed windows protect your home

Keeping your home at the right temperature in summer and winter through a window and door isn’t the only excellent advantage to Melbourne double glazed windows. There are many benefits to your home and household from creating energy efficiency by reducing energy bills, lowering sounds including dramatically minimising traffic noise and improving the safety of your home.

Stop Noise

Noise can interfere with sleep, rest and conversation in your home as well as cause fatigue, irritability, headaches and cause high-stress levels. All people need to contain noise to protect ourselves from outside noise sources in our house to enjoy a happy and healthy life. When double glazing window frames and windows, it creates a superior form of soundproofing which reduces noise levels by 50 to 70%.

Improve energy efficiency

Double glazed windows create a more energy efficient house as you’ll use less electricity due to your house already being a reasonably comfortable temperature from the excellent insulation that double glazed windows create.

Increase Safety

Double glazed windows are much tougher to break from the inside and are also more challenging to get forcefully opened from the outside. Which means your house’s safety gets increased, and people are less likely to try and smash the windows to get in.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our system of double glazed windows is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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