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Secondary Glazing

Reduce noise by up to 70%
with Stop Noise secondary glazing

Window Insulation

How to insulate your existing window to reduce heat loss in winter and improve heat gain in summer.

Stop Noise windows are great for reducing noise but they are even better for reducing heat loss through your existing windows in winter.

Our secondary window system is easily fitted onto your existing windows and can reduce heat loss by up to 60%.

Secondary glazing has been used overseas for many years and is a perfect fit for existing windows, so there is no need to use expensive replacement double glazing.

Our system has been fully tested and rated under the WERS window rating scheme and has shown to out perform most other double glazed windows.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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Stop Noise

Stop Noise