7 Reasons to Get Secondary Glazing for Your Windows

7 Reasons to Get Secondary Glazing for Your Windows

There are quite a few different types of window treatments that you can get for a home upgrade. Upgrades like window solar film, acoustic film or double glazing can be very helpful. Secondary glazing, however, is one of the best treatments to consider because it offers the following great benefits: 

1. Reduces Street Noises

Street noises like the roaring engine of a muscle car, barking dogs, screeching brakes, crying children, and loud music can be quite disturbing if you are trying to enjoy a quiet day or night. These noises can make it hard for you to focus on work or studies. It is even hard to enjoy blissful conversations with friends when you can hear every word your arguing neighbours might be screaming at each other. With secondary glazing, all of these sounds are drowned out because this window treatment can reduce noise by up to 70%. 

2. Keeps Private Conversations and Activities Private

It isn’t fun to think that your neighbours might be listening to every word you speak, every movie you watch, or any other activity you might be doing inside your house. A lot of businesses also rely on privacy to keep client information or corporate activities safe. 

Secondary glazing can keep others from listening in on your life or work because it blocks just as many sounds coming from the inside as from the outside of the building.

3. Helps You Get Better Sleep 

It is tough to get enough sleep if you are a light sleeper or if you struggle with a condition like insomnia. It is even tougher for shift workers to get some shut-eye when daytime can be so busy and noisy. Window glazing is an ideal solution to help you overcome sleep disturbances because it will block out all of those annoying sounds that might be keeping you up.

4. Great For Families With Small Children and Babies Who Need Naps

Small children and babies need to sleep up to 17 hours in 24 hours. Their minds need this sleep to develop properly and their bodies need the rest to help recover from the excessive growth their bodies experience while they are still young. With secondary glazing, little ones can sleep sound at any time of the day. There will be no sudden street noises to startle them awake and disturb their slumber. 

5. You Don’t Have To Replace Your Current Windows

Another great perk of secondary glazing is that you don’t have to replace your current windows. The new window layer is installed on the inside of your current window in its own frame. It seals tightly around the edges to keep noise from escaping and to insulate your home. You can install this type of window solution on just about any type or sized window. 

6. Reduces Heat Loss By 50%

The secondary glazing creates an air-tight seal on the inside of your window frame. This tight seal, and the gap between the glazing and your current window, keeps hot or cold temperatures from getting through your windows. The hot air you create inside with your furnace or heater will stay nice and warm and the warmth will continue to spread through your rooms because very little temperature is now lost. 

7. Reduces Heat Gain By 50%

These insulating windows also keep your interior spaces nice and cool during summer because warm temperatures from outside don’t have such a huge impact on your home. Heat gain is reduced by up to 50% which means any cool temperatures you create inside with your air conditioner will stay nice and cool for longer.It is time to throw away the sleeping pills and to stop hurting your ears as you try to compete with your noisy neighbours. Get secondary glazing from Stop Noise and live a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle.

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