Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

There’s little doubt that double glazing is better than single glazing, so surely triple is better than double, right? In that case, why not quadruple or quintuple glazing (if such a thing were practical)?

Jests aside, triple glazing is real and is a practical means of reducing household energy consumption. All of the benefits of double glazing but superior. What about the downsides, though?

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

If we’re only considering heat retention and energy efficiency, triple glazing has superb characteristics leading to its growing popularity in Australia and elsewhere. Let’s compare the U-values for energy efficiency to get a better idea:

  • Modern single glazed windows have a U-value of about 5;
  • Old double glazed windows have a U-value of about 3;
  • Modern double glazed windows have a U-value of about 1.6;
  • Triple glazed windows have a U-value of about 0.8 for each pane (so 2.4 total).

These values differ depending on the glazing quality, so they aren’t set in stone but rather rough estimates to go by. As shown above, triple glazing outperforms all other glazing in terms of energy efficiency.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved noise reduction;
  • Less chance of condensation between the window panes;
  • Generally tougher and more secure.

Triple glazing seems to be a sensible upgrade then, but why has it not surpassed the popularity of double glazing if it boasts so many advantages?

How Does Double Glazing Compare to Triple Glazing?

If we’re only looking at energy efficiency, double glazing seems to be the superior choice. It isn’t the right choice for every homeowner, however, for two major reasons.

Triple glazing tends to cost substantially more than double glazing, so the amount of energy savings returned in comparison to the marginally increased cost simply isn’t worth it for most homeowners.

Secondly, triple glazing is just plain heavier than double glazing, so much so that in many homes it can pose structural problems for the load-bearing walls. Furthermore, triple glazing needs to be installed with additional care since improper installation and poor sealing can render the gains useless and on par with single glazing at best.

Which Choice is Best for My Home?

For most homeowners, double glazing is far more practical. The sacrifice of a few points of U-value for energy efficiency is not a major concern considering the high upfront cost and complexity of installation for triple glazing.

There are alternatives to traditional double glazing that are more cost-effective, and in some cases, superior for noise reduction, insulation, and energy efficiency. In-situ double glazed window installation from companies such as Stop Noise are an excellent alternative to traditional double glazing without giving up any of the benefits. In fact, many of the benefits are even greater when installed professionally in place over your existing window pane.

Stop Noise lets you keep your existing window and have a custom-built window pane installed directly in place, thus giving you superior double glazing at a far lower cost. Our windows are built to exact dimensions and installed and sealed professionally, meaning that you’ll experience the full benefits of double glazing.

Stop Noise

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