Ways to Create a Perfectly Sound Sleep Environment

Ways to Create a Perfectly Sound Sleep Environment

Are you struggling to get enough quality sleep? It is very important to work on sleep issues because too little sleep can have a huge impact on your body and mind. Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight, it can affect your concentration and productivity levels, it reduces your athletic performance, it is linked to depression and it can affect your immune function.

One of the best ways to overcome sleep issues is by creating a better sleep environment and in this guide, we are going to reveal some great tips to help you recreate your bedroom for much better sleep.

1. Get Soundproofing For Your Windows

Street noises are some of the biggest culprits for people who struggle to get enough rest. Street noises like barking and howling dogs, screaming kids, arguing neighbours, and honking cars can keep you up all night if you are a light sleeper. 

These environmental sounds can also have an impact on your sleep quality even if you do manage to get some shut-eye because your subconscious could still be alert and will keep “listening to” and processing the sounds you hear as a natural defense mechanism. These sounds can even impact your dreams.

The best way to block out street noises is by getting soundproof windows. Secondary glazing is a revolutionary soundproofing window treatment that can block out up to 70% of street noises. These window conversions are also pretty affordable since you don’t have to replace your windows to get them installed. Instead, these window treatments are installed as an additional layer to your normal windows.

2. Prevent Environment Heat Gain

Melbourne can get pretty warm during spring and summertime. Running the air conditioner all day and night is hardly an option because using so much energy is bad for the environment and can cost a lot.

Secondary glazing can be a good solution to help you create a cooler bedroom to sleep in because these unique window treatments will reduce heat loss or gain by up to 50%. Your bedroom will stay cooler during warm days and you can get better sleep quality.

3. Invest In a Proper Bed

The type of bed you sleep on can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep you get and the way your body feels. Body pains and aches can keep you up most of the night or can awaken you much too early in the morning. If you feel sore after taking a nap then it is probably best to invest in a proper bed. This investment won’t just help you sleep better, it can also promote healthy blood circulation and it will reduce muscle tension and joint aches.

3. Get Thick Curtains or Blinds

Creating a dark sleeping environment can help you fall asleep quicker and get better quality sleep. This is especially important for shift workers because exposure to light stimulates the body and mind and encourages wakeful and alert feelings. When you eliminate exposure to light, your biological clock naturally starts melatonin production which induces sleep.

4. Get a White Noise Machine

White noise is known to improve sleep quality although the scientific reason for this is still unknown. White noises can help drown out environmental noises but for some reason, it induces sleep and helps people with insomnia drift off to sleep much easier. A white noise machine could be a great accessory for your perfect nap time bedroom.

Out of all these concepts, affordable and efficient double glazing is the best treatment to start with for your bedroom. Stop Noise can get your windows treated professionally so all of those street noises won’t disturb you anymore and so your bedroom will stay nice and cool this spring.

Stop Noise is the ultimate solution for reducing noise through your windows.

Our double glazing system is easily added to existing windows at half the cost of double glazed windows.

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