What Are Soundproof Windows And Why Do I Need Them?

What Are Soundproof Windows And Why Do I Need Them?

During the current pandemic, many families are having to self isolate or simply spend more time at home. Public spaces have restricted movements and so the home space is quickly turning into a multipurpose haven where parents work, children play and learn, and families spend most of their days together. As children also spend more time at home, creating home-based schedules for sleep and recreation has never been more important. This means creating peaceful spaces that are sleep-inducing.

However, the fact is, alongside sight pollution and air pollution, noise pollution has become a real problem in most cities and suburbs. If you find that you are struggling to create a peaceful home haven due to outside noise, then read on to learn more about soundproof windows.

What are soundproof windows?

Soundproof windows essentially block around 50 to 70% of outside noise. Low-frequency sounds tend to be more difficult to block than high-frequency sounds, therefore soundproof windows for residential homes cannot claim 100% blocking of outside noise, however, overall, they block more sound than regular windows.

How do soundproof windows work?

Soundproof windows work by creating a barrier between the sound and your ears which receive the sound. When you are indoors, your walls, roof, windows and all the insulation within your home helps reduce the sound.

For windows to increase their ability to block sounds, they must add mass by increasing the thickness of the glass, or they must add air space between multiple glass panels. Laminated glass is also an option. You can also use laminate glass options which add plastic between lays of glass. To learn more about the best options for your home, it is important to consult professional and experienced soundproof window installers for guidance.

Why do I need soundproof windows?

There are many reasons to consider soundproof windows. The fact is, unwanted noise can cause physical and mental distress. This is because it may interrupt sleep and relaxation. In addition, they can provide more insulation which can help reduce heating and cooling costs. They are also more secure since there will be more layers and barriers between you and the outside world without adding bars or roller blinds. Moreover, soundproof windows are also an investment and can increase the value of your home. This may be an attractive prospect even if you not currently living in what you consider to be your forever home.


There are many reasons to consider installing soundproof windows at home. There are numerous health benefits. This includes a reduction in stress and more sleep. Moreover, it can increase your home value and also make it more secure.

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